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Taste of Zen is a one of a kind site introducing authentic Japanese cooking recipes using only ORGANIC ingredients.
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Our New Look

In January 2017, celebrating the 15th anniversary of our website, we updated our entire website to the one that is quite friendly with Mobile Devices, in response to requests from our customers. Hope you enjoy simpler information in larger displays with this update.

Our Goal

What we found out

Unfortunately, most major food brands in Japan manufacturing the "key ingredients"of Japanese cooking have stayed out of the natural food business for several decades. Although this situation has been slightly improved in recent years, only a small number of brands are providing genuine ingredient products with affordable prices. Fortunately, many of the "key ingredients" have become available here in the U.S. and overseas due to the continuously growing popularity over Japanese foods. Our solutions? Cook at home! Our goal is to share recipe ideas and ingredients of Japanese foods with you under three rules : Use of

  • Organically grown materials
  • Natural materials (no M.S.G.)
  • Materials available in the U.S.


Simple as

  • Select Authentic Japanese Recipes
  • Organic Ingredients Only
  • 60,000 Monthly Hits
  • Video Instruction Clips
  • Thousands of Photo Clips
  • "Where-To-Find" Links for key ingredients